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We are a non

profit organization named
Delaware Tennis and Paddle Club - DTPC

Our mission is to grow the game of Tennis and Platform Tennis (a.k.a Paddle) to allow adults and juniors to enjoy these fun sports.


Our goals are;

  • Ultimate goal is to generate exiciting and fun programs for both adults and Juniors & establish a “Home” base for Tennis & Paddle, at the moment we do not know where that is yet but we are working with the State/County and townships to try and identify possibilities.


  • Short term goals;

  • Firstly Branding; Looking at how we can build an image that people can identify DTPC which is unique to us.

  • Secondly, Community Outreach; looking at building & maintaining membership, developing relationships with the State, local businesses, potential sponsors to ensure people understand what DTPC goals and membership benefits are and ultimately enabling us to get a “Home” base for Tennis & Paddle.

  • Final two goals Grants & Fundraising; In addition to membership dues we need to find ways to get funds to achieve our ultimate goal.


Board Members;

Lisa Murray - President

Peter Liebermann - Vice President

Jill Wallace - Secretary

Dave Sneeeringer - Treasurer
Dave Stracke - Member


Hustle & Heart Set Us Appart.

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